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Chris Pritt

1515 Claire St., Charleston, WV 25302

(304) 595-0474

As a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates Chris has fought for a more business-friendly state and to protect individual rights. This includes advocating for a more simple tax code, lower taxes, getting rid of regulations that hurt business or do not serve the public interest, and preserving the liberty of all West Virginians.

Chris is pro-life. Chris supports the Second Amendment.

Chris believes solving the drug crisis is necessary for West Virginia’s economy to move forward. In the House of Delegates has advocated for policies that will help solve the drug problem our state faces.

Chris is a strong advocate for our public schools. Our students deserve a world class education, and with the right policies this can be achieved. Chris believes we should work to pay our teachers as much as possible. Chris will work to keep health care costs down.

Chris realizes the devastating policies DC politicians, including Joe Biden, have caused West Virginians, such as high inflation and high taxes. Chris will work to pass laws in West Virginia to curb the effects of these dangerous policies.

Chris learned the value of hard work and commitment to his community from his parents, who worked for West Virginia public schools for most of their life.

Chris met the love of his life, Kelly Pritt, while both were attending law school. Kelly is a native of western New York in the Buffalo area. When Chris asked Kelly to marry him she knew Chris wanted to return to West Virginia to make a difference. Kelly loves West Virginia and is proud to call it home.

After first working for other law firms, Chris and Kelly started their own law firm, Pritt & Pritt, PLLC, which operates in Charleston, West Virginia. Chris and Kelly know the difficulty in starting and operating a small business in West Virginia. Pritt & Pritt, PLLC has employed numerous people over the years.

Chris and Kelly have two children, Jackson and Owen. Jackson is 12 and Owen is 5. The Pritts are Christians and raise their children in a Christian home.

In his free time Chris enjoys studying the Constitution, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with his family.


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Chris Pritt, 1515 Claire St., Charleston, WV 25302.

(304) 595-0474

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